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Wednesday, 30 April 2014


 I've managed to get a solitary mistletoe plant growing on my apple tree & wondered what other local records there are?

From Mick Harrop


  1. Well done Mick ! I try nearly every year. You'll have to show me how !

    There is a big plant at eye level in a very prominent place not far from Halifax Town Centre. The gardener isn't sure, but thought it might have arrived already growing on the young tree.

    Otherwise about four other gardeners have had the same success as you, though not all the plants/trees now survive.
    A plant high in a lime just over the Kirklees border at Birkby is probably bird sown. Hx Sci Soc archives hold no earlier records than these I have collected.

  2. I've managed to get mistletoe to take on my apple tree (several clumps now) and get berries each year. A big help in getting the seeds to take came from a useful little booklet I ordered from this website:
    Regards, Chris

  3. Thanks for that Chris. Can't wait to find out the secret from the booklet.