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Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Rishworth Yesterday.

I went back out yesterday.
It was a warm warm day and there was lots to see.
Wild Rose
Peachy Steve tells me Common Valerian can be quite common
but I didn't think as common as this!
Hedge Woundwort Now in flower


  1. Like the wild flower shots Edward. I found some Common Valerian near Ogden golf course last week (first time I'd even identified it !) though not as prolific as the spot you found !

  2. Thank you David, nice to hear that you found some C. Valerian there. I like the wildflowers a lot, I am very lucky here in the countryside to have lots of wildflowers around, as shown from my previous post I didn't need to look too far. One of my favourites is the Wild Rose, it is common here but not as much on a national scale.

  3. I found a single stem of Common Valerian in the woods near me one morning, I don't remember ever seeing it before, so I photographed it and identified it with the help of 'Harrap's Wildflowers'. Next day in another part of the woods I found a whole patch of them so I took a single stem to put in a carafe on my windowsill. It lasted well, but even on a brightly-lit sill it soon bent quite dramatically towards the light source. I assume this is due to its long stem.