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Thursday, 9 April 2020

New-to-me Toad Crossing

This came from a cyclist via his mother who is one of our members at Halifax Scientific Society.      
"Hi Steve, Daniel has just cycled up Cragg Rd and has picked up toads crossing to a pond on the right.
He reports a lot of squashed toads and surprised to see them out in the daylight."

So that's the Cragg Vale road.
Is anyone in that vicinity and feeling like patrolling it without breaking social distancing rules?
Although Daniel reports toads crossing in the daylight, by far the majority set off across the road after dark in the early part of the night.


  1. Not the same site but Emma told me she'd seen some toad crossing signs up near Aaron Hill/Coppy Nook. I know there is a pond on the road that runs along Blackwood Common moor, so it may be there but I had not heard of it before.

  2. Yes that's also a new site that Hugh has been involved in signage on the road after an alert by a local person.
    Toads and their welfare have been very prominent this year. Either they are speading, or people are more concious and concerned after the Toad Summit in Halifax in January, or more likely the publicity that Froglife was able to generate around it. I actually get the feeling they are spreading everywhere uphill, which is what species do when climate gets warmer.