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Monday, 2 January 2017

Todmorden Waxwing Update 02 01 2017

Just an update on the Waxwings in Todmorden,numbers built up to 71 ,although the berries have all been eaten on Myrtle Street and most at Lidl car park today 02 01 16 there are still berries in the bus station on a single tree,and near the houses adjacent the  open ground where the old health centre used to be,only saw 2 today,feeding with a few Redwing and Blackbirds,and no doubt they will soon move on as the berries run out, Regards and Happy New Year.


Philip said...

Thanks Brian--Good Photos. It also emphasises the value of urban berried trees and we have to make sure these are planted with development schemes, such as the new Lidl and Aldi.

Annie Honjo said...

Fabulous photos, Brian! I always just miss the waxwings in Tod, but I've been lucky enough to get good views in Halifax on 2 occasions. I did see the Redwing on one of the Rowans in Myrtle St, although you could count the number of berries on one hand! Happy New Year to you too!

brian leecy said...

P's 5 were feeding with redwings, blackbirds and mistle thrush today in the Cambridge place/room field court area,giving fantastic views at head level,pity weather and light wasn't the best.the last berries in the bus station have been eaten now,Thanks for comments.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Great pics Brian ! First time I can remember Waxwings in Todmorden, Halifax and Brighouse at the same time. Elland (the Halifax side of Elland Bridge) has also attracted them in the past.

They can stay till late April, turning to fly-catching on warm spring days.

I have heard that a murmuration of Starlings in Brighouse has been wowing the crowds.

brian leecy said...

Cheers,a good idea if there are any Hawthorn,Blackthorn or any thorny bushes in or around People's gardens is to cut apples in halves or pieces and impale the pieces onto the thorns,this can keep Waxwings and Thrushes around a bit longer after the last of the berries have eaten.