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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Celebrating our Woodland Heritage - volunteers needed!

Want to get out into our local woods and help survey them?
During the excellent talk last night given by Craig Best, Countryside Manager of the National Trust, Craig mentioned the project which one of our previous speakers, Chris Atkinson of Pennine Prospects had also discussed with us - 'Celebrating our Woodland Heritage - an Archaeological Survey'.  The surveys are taking place at a number of woods in the area - full details plus dates are given in the link below.  Training will be given.  The surveys have started - so please do have a look now to see if there is a wood near you which you could help survey!

The list of woodlands to be investigated during the projects first year are listed below.  In order to fully record the woodland heritage of the South Pennines we need you! Whether as an individual, family, group or organisation we welcome you to get involved, to learn new skills and to enjoy our woodland heritage.
Name Location Easting Northing Dates of Survey
Hirst Wood Bradford 412719 438232 6th – 7th January 2017
Hardcastle Crags Hebden Bridge 397310 430152 11th – 14th January 2017
Knotts Wood Todmorden 391757 426025 18th- 19th January 2017
Park Wood Keighley 407143 440977 22nd & 24th January 2017
Castle Clough Wood Hapton 378756 431342 3rd – 4th February 2017
Callis Wood Hebden Bridge 397908 426556 6th & 8th February 2017
Middleton Woods Ilkley 412074 448764 15th – 18th February 2017
Ogden Plantation Ogden 405798 431077 2nd – 3rd & 5th March 2017
Roddlesworth Tockholes 366076 421538 8th – 10th March 2017
New Field Clough (Smithills Estate) Bolton 367469 412492 15th – 17th March 2017
Jagger Park Wood Low Bentley 413587 428061 20th – 22nd March 2017
Redisher Woods Ramsbottom 377396 415657 23rd – 25th March 2017
North Dean Wood Copley 408485 422212 26th – 29th March 2017

If you are interested in attending any of these archaeological events, either for a day or multiple days please contact  Chris Atkinson, Woodland Heritage Officer at for further details.
All equipment such as a hand held GPS for recording the location, recording sheets, pens/pencils, clip boards, tape measures and camera will be provide.
As we will be outdoors and the weather is likely to be cold and probably a bit damp at times, please wear sturdy foot wear and warm/wet weather gear.  A packed lunch and drink is also advisable.  As for the timings, each day of survey will last between 10am and 3pm


  1. I'd love to be involved in at least the local ones. I'll contact Chris on that email you provided.
    Interestingly, the Halifax Scientific Society was included in the consultation over the planting of the Ogden woodlands, when it was still farmland, just after the reservoir had been built. I have a booklet somewhere about it. I'll try to find it.

  2. I'd be really interested to see that, Steve. I too want to do at least one of the surveys, possibly Callis Woods.