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Monday, 14 November 2016

Wrecked seabird. No corpse available

A seabird thought to be Manx Shearwater was picked up alive outside Walsden on 2nd November, along Rochdale Road towards Summit.

The finder took it to Hirds Vets near there, where they tried to feed it on fish.

Halifax branch of Hirds vet passed it on to the Creature Comforts Animal-aid man, Mike, but despite his best efforts at rehabiltation, it died. I persuaded him to dig it up from where he had buried it but he couldn't find it.

Last record I can find is one in 1962 found exhausted at Causeway Foot and later released at Ogden Reservoir.

There are several old records before this.

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Steve Blacksmith said...

If there are any non-birders puzzled by my title for the post;
a "wreck" of seabirds is often described that way when storms at sea brings them inland, when they can turn up on reservoirs/rivers etc.