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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The value of standing dead wood

Here is a photo of a dead Oak trunk in Cragg Vale woodland. It is riddled with holes that may have been caused by Wood Peckers looking for grubs. It is very important to leave standing dead wood as it supports the high rise community.

They have discovered that Woodpeckers in America carry fungal spores on their beaks, which helps create future holes for them to enjoy!

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Steve Blacksmith said...

That's fascinating. We know that beetles carry Dutch elm disease spores.

If anyone finds a dead woodpecker, could they put it in a plastic bag and get it to me, please? Steve on 0771 500 5379

There are several species in North America that peck trees to start sap running and consume this - often called "sapsuckers". They have a range of pecked trees in their territory and visit them in turn as the sap seeps out.