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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Rishworth Moor

Today I refound cranberry growing on White Isles, just north of the trig' point on Dog Hill.  I first found this about 15 years ago, but it was in flower then.
Also a red admiral was enjoying the sun near Parrock Nook Independent Union Chapel (sadly closed for good as a church on the 2nd September 2016, a pinned up note outside said).

Regards, Chris


Peachysteve said...

Always good to see Cranberry. Must try to find the site as there are often other interesting species close by.
We walked around Ripponden/Rishworth yesterday and saw a few Red admirals as well as some interesting fungi. Around Booth Wood we looked at Lesser Hawkbit and Intermediate Enchanter's Nightshade, both rare for the area.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Some of us tried a few cranberries on the "two Sundew sites" hike - they taste just like the cultivated ones, as might be expected.
The walk round Ripponden/Risworth led by Peachysteve was great - lots of interesting plants; also a Common Buzzard flying and circling quite near us in the sunshine. A Small Copper Butterfly was a good sighting - first report of the year for me.

ChrisJB said...

The Dog Hill site is rather sparse and the cranberry is straggly amongst Polytrichum moss. Not like the big patches to be seen further south in the Pennines. Well done on the small copper. I don't think I've seen one this year.