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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Autumn Crocus

In the Eden Valley at the village of Morland were these Autumn Crocus growing by the river. Not sure of their origin but it is a very old village as you can read on the Church history plaque.


ChrisJB said...

Yes, a very interesting place. I had an enjoyable potter about the place a few years back.

ChrisJB said...
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Steve Blacksmith said...

Thanks Philip. Further north than ever before. Old records give most northerly as Arnside in N. Lancs. (Except Dumfries, where said to be a garden escape.)
Very old churchyards and sites of old monasteries/priories are likely places, it seems.

ChrisJB said...

The NBN Gateway site shows some even more northerly locations, with a north - easterly bias. Even up on a horizontal with Inverness. I wonder of these are viewed as escapes?

Steve Blacksmith said...

Thanks Chris,
I'll have a look.