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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Growing wild seed

This from Calderdale council's News Centre has just been issued. Large trays of wild flower seed are being given away for planting out; "Council is making sure that parks and grass verges will benefit too – especially in areas that have become overgrown or unused."
Are overgrown areas a good place for wild flower seed? I thought they needed minimum competition. I do hope there aren't disappointed people.  Like many things--the success is in the detail not the hype.

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Steve Blacksmith said...

There were some spectacularly successful borders of mixed annuals sown by the Council in King Cross Rd. Halifax, and Arden Rd. opposite Peoples Park last summer. Very casual and "natural" looking, though totally artificial really.
They looked great but their greatest value would have been in supporting the local bee species. I hope they do it again this year.