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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Luddenden Dean

I finally got round to a walk in the Dean today, a place I don't know at all.  I was utterly captivated, there is so much of interest on so many levels.  My walk began near Dry Carr and took in Booth, Bank House, Cat in th' Well (cracking pub), Saltonstall and Throstle Bower.  I didn't see much in the way of birds, but there were lots of butterflies about, including common blues, meadow browns, my first large skipper of the year, speckled woods and ringlets - by far the commonest by a country mile, they were everywhere.  I also saw a few chimney - sweeper moths (my first for a year or two) and what I think was a common green grasshopper.


Steve Blacksmith said...

Are you coming to the fountains at Castle Carr tomorrow? 12.00 noon from the Cat i'th Well.
You are supposed to have a ticket - £5.00 - but there may be some left at the pub.

Great pictures!

ChrisJB said...

Thanks Steve. Alas I can't make it having only heard about it on Friday. However, where shall I keep my eye out for future tours of Castle Carr?

Steve Blacksmith said...

The Halifax Rotarians organise it these days, so looking on their website might help. The main site is www.ribi.org but failing that, the tickets were on sale at the Cat i'th Well Pub and Harvey's Dept. Store in Halifax. I saw it announced on a poster on a pole at Mount Tabor, so rang Hebden Bridge Tourist Info.

It was good again this year, though they now turn on only the very high central fountain. The four smaller ones in the corners of the 4-leaf clover shaped pond no longer work, though I remember seeing them work.