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Monday, 16 March 2015

Eclipse of the sun this Friday about 8.00 am, then on Saturday, you may still get a place on this :

caring for bats

Bat care

Every year volunteers across West Yorkshire rescue hundreds of injured bats, care for them and return most to the wild. The West Yorkshire Bat Group is looking for volunteer bat careers, especially in the Calderdale area. Do you, or somebody you know, have time to care for bats? A free training course will be held on Saturday March 21st from 10am until mid afternoon in the Countryside Education Centre at Ogden Water Country Park and Nature Reserve. For more information or to book please contacthugh.firman@calderdale.gov.uk or Maggie mailto:batcarenews@phonecoop.coop

1 comment:

Steve Blacksmith said...

The partial eclipse was visible through the thin cloud at times; I managed to focus the sun through a telescope onto white paper, but it was often diffused.

The best views when the sun was partly shining were reflected in the back window of the car!

Photos to follow if they're worth uploading when I get them onto the computer.