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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sparrowhawk Selfie

This Sparrowhawk flew into our window today and become somewhat immobile. I soon brought it round. The First Aid course some of us did in December came in very useful although CPR was rather a delicate task!   I had forgotten how sharp their talons are and she held onto my finger until she had a selfie taken with me. She few off later non the worse.

That expression reminds me of some of my friends after a few glasses of wine.

She has my finger - ouch! The glove was on the wrong hand - silly me.


Alison said...

Great photographs Bruce and how amazing to get so close to this wonderful bird. I'm very pleased it had a happy ending :D

Steve Blacksmith said...

Good post Bruce. I can see your hidden potential as a falconer, if only you can get the gauntlet on the right hand :-)