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Monday, 26 January 2015

Helleborus foetidus and early daffodils

I was surprised to find this in Mytholmroyd on 25.1.15. It is a group that doesn't have a common name, only "Hellebore". Chris JB reminds me this one is called "Stinking Hellebore."

H.foetidus is a very rare plant in Yorkshire, usually growing on lime. This is probably self-seeded from a garden plant, or a thrown-out plant, as it is growing on a demolition site.

It's not in Murgatroyd (1994).

These daffodils were blooming by a pond at Mytholmroyd on Sunday 25.1.15
Whilst there are some daffodils from abroad that flower in mid-winter, these look not that far removed from the native species, just a little larger.


Brian Sumner . said...

Had a customer in today who says Daffodils are in full bloom in Northallerton, North Yorkshire.

ChrisJB said...

Stinking hellebore...good find Steve, even if it isn't truly wild. A few years ago I 'twitched' H. foetidus, at YWT's reserve of Brockadale.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Interesting about Northallerton Brian, it being north of here.

Of course - Stinking Hellebore. Thanks for reminding me Chris. It does whiff a bit close up ! (the flowers.)
Yes Brockadale is one of the few Yorkshire sites according to Wilmore. I haven't been there myself.
If you want directions to the Mytholmroyd site you can call on my mobile.