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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Some Garden Escapes Beside The Calder

I noticed that there are Fringecups (Tellima grandiflora) growing all along the river bank of the Calder from Tenterfields to Copley.

They seem to always grow with the similar Pick-a-back-plant  (Tolmiea menziesii)

I also spotted a rare plant, probably also a garden escape, Perfoliate Alexanders (Smyrnium perfoliatum) which I have now seen at three spots along this stretch of the Calder.

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Steve Blacksmith said...

Very interesting that the Tolmiea and the Tellima grow together Steve. They both seem to be spreading.
I first saw the Pick-a-back plant, Tolmiea, beside a small side-stream in Hardcastle Crags about 20 years ago.
The Smyrnium is new to me.