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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Salad Burnet

Great Burnet is not uncommon in local meadows.
The smaller Salad Burnet is not a local plant but there are a few growing
on a overgrown carpark in Dixie Woods, Sowerby Bridge,
which was once covered in limestone gravel.
 As with many plants, the true beauty is only seen on close up images.

 A male flower with stamens dangling on the stem above

Female flowers on the stem

Flower heads at the top of the stem have both male and female flowers


Bruce said...

Really fantastic, crisp pictures Steve. Well done with the find.

Peachysteve said...

Thanks Bruce. My camera was quite cheap but takes great close up and distance shots. There are a number of interesting plants in this small area although sadly half of it was tarmaced over recently.