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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Quick update on Toad rescues this year

It has been our best year yet for toads and also volunteers!
All progress in the Todmorden area can be found on the Facebook toad blog 'Todmorden Toad Rescue Group '
Cheryl & team at Woodhouse had most ever in one night -71 and quite a few casualties. Gordon & Eileen at Lumbutts also had most ever in a night too with 113 males & 16 females!
Lumbutts possibly slowing down but had over 300 so far, Portsmouth the same even despite very cold wind - 160 of them and lots of newts too.
Newly discovered sites include Ogden and Boulderclough where Steve and team rescued 273 toads and also 5 newts!
Hebden bridge sites Hebden hey - 76 toads and 28 newts and very few casualties, Stubbing 19 and finally 17 live at Horsehold

If anyone is interested in getting involved please contact countryside@calderdale.gov.uk

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