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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Bilberry Bumblebee Bombus monticola

Saw my first one today feeding on bilberry  on the path out of Midgley village that heads onto the moor.


ChrisJB said...

I'm really keen to get a photo of one of these this year and I believe Widdop is a good area. Does anyone have a specific site up there, or basically is it just any area of wimberry? A good spot for tiger beetles would be appreciated too. I saw both species near Higher House (Cragg Vale last year, but couldn't get decent photos).
Thanks, Chris

Peachysteve said...

There is a spot on Norland Moor where I frequently saw tiger beetles last year. There is a pond where you can see many species of dragon fly and close by is another hollow which often has water at the bottom, this is where the Green Tiger Beetles were. There is a lot of Bilberry there too so could be a good spot.

ChrisJB said...

Thanks Steve. It's been yonks since I was last on Norland Moor. I might give it a go.