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Monday, 10 March 2014

Grayling (the fish)

I've been interested in grayling from my angling days when I was a lad and was wondering if there is anywhere in Calderdale where they can be seen/photographed?  I'd be especially interested in a location where they are actually caught by anglers for a 'out of water' close up photo.
Somewhere down the line I have heard of places in the Calder where they are to be found (Mytholmroyd area I think and somewhere else, but can't remember), but am wondering, as they are very sensitive to pollution, if they are still present.
I used to watch them from the old bridge in Bakewell (Peak District), but have not seen them there for a few years now.

Many thanks, Chris.


  1. I believe anglers do catch them in the Calder around Elland. I would also like to film them underwater at some point.

  2. "Somewhere down the line" - love it :)

  3. Thanks folks. I might contact some local angling clubs too regarding the Elland section of the Calder.

  4. A mate of mine used to catch them in the Wharfe - sorry don't know where.
    I supplied him worms in return for a couple if he had success. They were so fresh sometimes they had the odd fish louse squirming over their skins.
    (A transparent, very flat invertebrate.)
    There is a very interesting article about fish generally in the Aire river system in the YNU Bulletin this edition. (Dec 2013.)

  5. Thanks Steve. They are found in the Wharfe, around Bolton Abbey I believe (and other stretches presumably). Having Googled deeper, apparently there is a bloke who runs fly fishing courses who catches them on the Calderdale Calder regularly.