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Monday, 31 March 2014

Grass for ID please

Whilst traipsing around on Erringden moor this morning Philip's earlier post on grasses came to mind when I came across several clumps of this grass in flower. I suspect it will be well known to the botanists out there?


Philip said...

Hi Charlie, this plant is not a grass. At a guess I would go for a sedge, Hares Tail Cotton Grass (called 'grass' but is a sedge) Eriophorum vaginatum. We generally recognise it in summer when it is all a white woolly ball on top of the stem.

I'm sure Steve will know it and correct me if I've guessed wrong.

Philip said...

I should have said what good photos they are Charlie.

Also, Meadow foxtail may be our local 1st seen grass but if you go to the limestone dales, blue moor grass (Sesleria caerulea)will be covering the hillsides now. It is an electric blue colour and very attractive.

charlie streets said...

Thanks for the info Philip that's a new one to me (if Steve agrees :-)
Ironically I was up there looking for seedheads of Common Cotton-grass which contains a specific moth larva - there were plenty last December but no sign of any yesterday.
I've just bought Harrap's new book on wildflowers which looks excellent for beginners like myself but unfortunately doesn't cover grasses, sedges etc.