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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Is this statement true?

I have read a book published in 1930, advocating roadside planting of trees and suggesting suitable species, published by Country Life for the "Roads Beautifying Association".

It contains the following statement:- "It must be confessed that the English population is lacking in the primary instincts necessary for the creation and maintenance of agreeable surroundings to a greater extent than any other nation in Western civilisation".

Has anything changed in 84 years?

Foot Note: (posted by Bruce)

Andy C has added this in comments. Thanks Andy - very encouraging!

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Steve Blacksmith said...

Trees beside roads were once necessary for people who walked or pushed handcarts everywhere and horses that did all the work of heavy transport and had to keep cool in summer. Shade trees were simply practical, and were appreciated because they were so essential and did the job perfectly. From perfection of utility springs beauty.