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Sunday, 9 February 2014


The March edition of Wildlife magazine has an article with the above heading. is the website of a national project run by the Zoological Society of London, BTO, RSPB and Froglife, that monitors wildlife disease outbreaks to help fight future declines.
It has launched the website along with a hotline ( 020 7449 6685)
for us to report dead or ill animals, especially, birds, amphibians, reptiles and hedgehogs. You can fill in a simple form, and in the case of carcasses the project's vet may be in touch to arrange a postmortem examination.

Some of the diseases the GWH researchers are worried about are avian pox in great tits, Trichomonosis in finches and sparrows, lungworm and ringworm in hedgehogs and Chrytridiomycosis in amphibians.

The symptoms can be found on the website where there is also advice about what to do and a map of the disease outbreaks around the country. One thing it asks us to look for is skin blisters on newts in garden ponds, so those of us with ponds and are lucky enough to have newts may want to do this.

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