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Thursday, 30 January 2014



Badger culling could come to Calderdale!

If you would like this to be avoided please sign the petition and give your opinion to the council.

The culling of badgers is cruel. There are other ways to do this if badgers must be controlled. Science has proved that this is not the way to go. 

The Scientific Society feel that individuals should have the chance to voice their opposition.  Members may have varying views on the cull and by posting this the Society is not voicing the opinion of the Society as a whole.


Steve Blacksmith said...

Thanks Linda for putting this on the blog. Personally I've only seen badgers dead by the road, or very fleeting glimpses at dusk. Looking forward to them being in my garden some day.
Cruelty to animals by humans is slowly disappearing, far too slowly for me.
The farmers could have re-stocked with TB resistant cows after the Foot and Mouth epidemic, apparently, but for some reason didn't. I love my dairy products, but could give them up. Sheep's cheese is gorgeous.

Nick Carter said...

Done. This should be widely circulated, eg birders blog, Cromwell Bottom website etc.

Linda said...

Thanks Nick, please feel free to circulate as far as you wish!