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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Withens Clough, 1st June 2013

A belated post from last Saturday (sorry!).  On a circular walk around Withens Clough and skirting Turley Holes and Higher House Moor, I saw a couple of wimberry bumblebees (Bombus monticola) on Turley Holes Edge and near Higher House Barn was a single green hairstreak and two impressive looking green tiger beetles.


Bruce said...

Hi Chris
Nice to see you posting OK. I remember a trip up above Widdop a few years back when there were dozens of Tiger beetle in and out of burrows.

ChrisJB said...

Ah that explains something. The beetles were near burrows (but flew away)and I wondered if the beetles had made them, or something else.
Thanks again for all your help in getting me posting on here.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Thanks for your post Chris, nice pics and info.
A western UK person ? - calling Bilberries Whinberries.
The name changes just over the Pennines, and remains the same all the way to South Wales at least, where I used to pick them in the 1950s with my Grandma.

This is a new site for B. monticola;
the other sites I know of being at Widdop Res and top of Jumble Hole Clough.

ChrisJB said...

Good to know it's a new site for B. Monticola (though I did see one near Higher House Barn, perhaps ten years ago - I'll have to check my diaries).
Bilberries I've always known as specifically WIMberries (grandparents called them that), but I'm sure it must be just a derivation of WHINberries. I didn't know the name extended to Wales however Thanks for that.