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Monday, 3 June 2013

Swan Mussels ? Rochdale Canal 02 06 13

Whilst walking along the Rochdale Canal Towpath, Noticed quite a few of these Freshwater Mussels as the water level was right down, near to Todmorden Town Centre yesterday,size two and half to 3 inches long aprox ,wonder if they are Swan Mussels ? never seen them before,but would be easy to miss, especially when Canals at normal level.Bri.


Steve Blacksmith said...

Hi Brian,
They are interesting. I think swan mussels can be up to 6 inches, but I'm no expert.
I was talking to the YNU Conchology Recorder the other week at Cromwell Bottom, and he would be very interested in your record, as he particularly studies freshwater molluscs. He will probably be grateful for some specimens. Can you contact him? I'm REALLY busy, but i can give you his details I think. No, I've only got his name -David Lindley, Conchology Recorder, YNU.

ChrisJB said...

I've seen what look like these in Hollingworth Lake and Ogden Res', near New Hey, not the Calderdale one.

Daath porter said...

I don't know if this is relevant now but as my fiance an I were walking along the canal from luddenden to Mytholmroyd today Feb 14 2015 , the canal being mere inches in depth because locks 3, 4 and 5 along to Tuel were locked off for much needed maintance, we saw huge numbers of what we regarded to be missiles.
Blue in colour and many being 4/6 inches long.

Daath porter said...

Pardon my typo not missiles ha but mussels.