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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Bad News from Calderdale Council

Front Page of the Courier last night.

Even though we have had our library in the lecture rooms since the current library was built, having moved it from the first Central Library, at Lister Lane near People's Park, and despite representations to them, they have announced that the library is to close and be replaced with a new building below the Piece Hall.

We still don't know if there will be accommodation for our books in the new library.

The Halifax Antiquarian Society has been similarly ignored.

We have been very generously offered a meeting room at Dean Clough, if we need it, but not space for our books. Meeting there would not be without its problems for members who come in by bus.


AndyC said...

have you tried the New libary at King Cross.??

Bruce said...

From what I have read it seems that the vote was "weighted" and is not a true representative of the actual votes.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Hi Andy,
thanks for your suggestion. I go there occasionally, but don't think it would be suitable.