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Sunday, 18 November 2012

A big Waxwing winter ?

Ten are feeding at Brighouse, in Sainsbury's car park. I'm just going along there now.
Watch out for them on any berried trees and shrubs. They especially like urban plantings.

UPDATE: Still there Tuesday morning 19th Nov. according to a text from Dave Sutcliffe.


Tracy said...

I hope you have better luck than I did Steve. I couldnt find them around lunchtime.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Yes, they were there, Tracy. Sorry!
I just got there in time; they'd finished feeding and had gathered in the top of a tall birch tree just over the road. Within minutes they took wing, circled once then headed off towards the town centre at a good height in tight flock.

There aren't many berries left at Brighouse Sainsburys, but you might be lucky tomorrow morning.

Tracy said...

Unfortunately work beckons in the morning:-(

Where exactly were they as I looked at all the trees around the carpark and over the road in front of the fire place and even around the back near the canal?

Steve Blacksmith said...

They had been feeding from berries (yellow Rowan berries) on the edge of the main car park, right next to the main road (another birder told me,) but when I got there they were in the top of a tall birch just across the main road.
I'm sure you'll catch up with some soon, Tracy, if you keep trying.

Tracy said...

I hope so Steve. I am trying to plot ways of getting out of work for an hour tomorrow now!