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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

OK to eat?

These fungi keep popping up each year at the base of a wood pile on my allotment. The bluish green colour is quite noticeable. The top ones are each a couple of inches across - anybody know what they are?


Steve Blacksmith said...

Hi Charlie,
It looks very like the Verdigris Agaric, which is poisonous.

Stropharia aeruginosa.

Thanks for posting the picture.

Philips says it is common, though I haven't seen it recently around here. He is based in London and the south. The group is called the Roundheads, most of which are poisonous or inedible.

The other possibility is that it is a Russula, of which there are many, in a rainbow of colours, even variable within a species. These are all very crumbly in their caps and stems. Some edible, but some inedible due to strong flavours. Recently adopted name for this group is the Brittlegills, but Russula is well used.

charlie streets said...

Thanks for the info Steve,I'll leave them be.Makes me wonder how they arrived on the plot - maybe they were in with the leaf/branch shreddings which make up the path.