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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Northern Lights Aurora borealis nr Bridestones Todmorden,09 10 12

Been trying to see the Northern Lights in Calderdale for a few years now and it finally happened late last night,i get Aurora Alerts from Aurora Watch Lancs,but its always been cloudy or tipping down,but last night although foggy down in the valley bottom i could see stars through the wispy fog,amber alert was forecast at 2330 so i thought if i didnt see the Aurora i might see the Meteor Shower happening,all a bit rushed i headed for the road near Bridestones,i could see a faint arc of Green,which intensified at about 0115 with  moving curtains left and right of the main arc it was FANTASTIC,pot luck with camera as was trying to set it up in darkness in a rush !hence the bright annoying house light to the right,thought id taken 14 pics but hadnt taken any and just managed to salvage these few shots ! hopefully be more prepared next time they appear !! regards Brian.


Philip said...

That's really interesting Brian. I saw them once about 20 odd years ago when walking down Park Road late evening. I had never seen them before and never have since but they are truly fantastic glowing lights waving across the sky.

Regards Philip

Bruce said...

Brilliant Brian. It's a long time since we saw them. Tonight looks promising as well.

brian leecy said...

Ironic,this time last year i took a weeks holiday in Northern Scotland hoping to see the Northern Lights which i missed by a few days ! the experts reckon 2013 is hopefully going to be a peak Auroral Year,as its coming up to a Solar Maximum !! so fingers crossed things should be building up locally.regards Bri.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Well done with the pictures, Brian. I had a cold session one midnight last year at Wainstalls - without success.

Thanks for the link. Will forward it to friends and family who have always wanted to see them.

brian leecy said...

Thanks for comments,for anyone interested,Aurorawatch UK can send you Aurora Alerts to your computer which is a free service,theres a lot of useful info,ps there could be some Aurora activity on 14th/15th Oct.fingers crossed !! regards Bri