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Friday, 8 June 2012

Oats Royd Nature Reserve

 A pleasant summers day (remember them) walk to Oats Royd 28th of May 2012
My usual track to Oats Royd

A field of Buttercups


Broom in full flower

One of the many Ponds on the Reserve

♂ & ♀ Large Red Damselfly

Amphibious Bistort?

Water Starwort

Pond Skater

A very young frog


Steve Blacksmith said...

The one you think might be mouse-ear is stitchwort, Bruce (one of the stitchworts, that is.)

Never seen that water plant in flower before, but I was interested enough to bring a bit of it home from Bridestones area last week. When I see the flowers I'm thinking Starwort, but must look it up.

Poor do about the carp being taken. They used to be safe being thought not fit to eat, but now they are traditionaly eaten by some people at Easter. I guess they will be in someone's freezer for selling next Easter. Poachers taking fish is an old tradition though.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Yes it seems to be Water Starwort.

Bruce said...

Thanks Steve for identifying some of the plants.