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Monday, 11 June 2012

Caterpillar id help

Upper Gorple Sunday  id help please


brian leecy said...

Hi Fran,its a Oak/Northern Eggar Moth larva,lots around at present especially up on the Heather Moors.regards Bri.

FRAN44 said...

Cheers thanks for that

Steve Blacksmith said...

Hi Brian,
would you like to give a short talk at Halifax Scientific Society meeting? (30 to 40 minutes is fine.) It is at Hx Central Library at 7.15pm.

Our recorder of Lepidoptera was going to give a presentation on rearing moths and butterflies at home. Unfortunately he is not well and feels he should be preparing it now. The booking is for August
(please see our programme of talks on our website this blog is connected to.) If not, can you think of anyone else who would like to do it? I might ask Winston who I sometimes see in the Puzzle.