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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Tree tube shelters can be killers

I read that tree tubes can be a hazard for young birds. They get in them for insects etc but then find they cannot get out. Some tubes have been found with many dead birds. I am  not sure whether this problem is recognised in this country but in America tree tubes have to have a 'top' to prevent entry by birds.

With the many thousands of tree tubes in Calderdale, standing for years on end, does anyone know if there is a problem with dead birds locally?

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Steve Blacksmith said...

That's a good point, Philip. Perhaps Calderdale Bird Conservation Group would like to do a survey, I'll repost your post on their blog if you haven't done it already.

An odd thing happened with my automatic vent opener on my greenhouse. It closed on a blue tit which was trapped inside as the door was shut. It was going frantic to get out, as was its mate, which was perched outside watching it. I leave the door open in the day time now.