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Friday, 18 May 2012

Back Yard Deer

I just had a big surprise when I looked out the kitchen window; two Roe Deer were in the back field staring right back at me! I grabbed my camera and returned, an action that took only 10 seconds but such is their wariness, they had scarpered. A quick dash upstairs into the back bedroom failed to turn them up, still it's a good memory to have.


Gill S said...

To our great surprise, we saw two deer in Copley wood last night. Right on the train line. Is this normal..? Im surprised if deer are living in such an urban area but i dont know much about wildlife. We called the transport police as we we concerned they'd get injured.

Bruce said...

Hi Gill
They are becoming more common. I had a Roe deer in my garden late last year. They are nice to see but can be destructive to young trees.