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Monday, 2 January 2012

Roe Deer

After I left Bruce and Dave Sutcliffe on Soil Hill, I walked down the N slope and got 3 Roe Deer (last entry on sheet) which on seeing me even at a distance of approx 250 metres away promptly headed back up the hill.
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Brian Sumner . said...

Ey up Nigel, you turn up all over, didnt know you posted on this site.
Nice to know the deer are still about, was beginning to wonder!

Steve Blacksmith said...

Colin Duke once said that there were 5 different species of deer in Calderdale, and that they entered Calderdale in this area, through a green gap adjoining Bradford's green belt.

I've only seen Roe and Red. The latter are said to be strays from venison farms, and not to be pure reds, but hybrids with Sika.

Then I read that very few red deer herds remain in UK without an admixture of Sika genes.

Roe, Red, Sika, Fallow, Muntjac.
I guess these would be the five. Chinese Water Deer are common in the Norfolk Broads, but I don't think so in Yorkshire.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Sorry, by "This area", I mean the Ogden / Soil Hill area.