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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Mink at Copley

Saw one of these yesterday in the canal at Copley mid-afternoon. It may have been kept from feeding by an angling match which had just finished. It had a go at a mallard which escaped.  It was the second I had seen in a couple of weeks, never having seen them before alive - only a couple of road casualties, except I had seen a fancy beige one darting through Brighouse traffic - obviously a recently freed one. I got a good look - it wasn't a ferret.  The first wild black one was in the Calder near the bridge in Stainland Rd. It dived in a couple of times, coming out with a fish in its jaws. Although it is the wrong animal in the wrong place, I had to admire something that small that can dive into a large river and catch a fish.  Ever tried to catch a goldfish in a bowl?!
Steve Blacksmith

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