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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Calderdale in September

Harebells (Campanular rotundiflora).
There were several large patches on Norland golf course.

An unidentified fungus surrounded by Eyebright (Euphrasia) at Fly Flatts.

On the way to see the Autumn Crocus
this Speckled Wood butterfly (Pararge aegeria) was seen.

C. nudiflorus 19/9/2011

Two flowers of the Autumn Crocus (Crocus nudiflorus) near Holmfield, Halifax.

There were 425 plants counted there.

Reference:  The Mystery of the Autumn Crocus. Crocus nudiflorus  Steve Blacksmith. A Halifax Scientific Society publication.


Linda said...

Nice pictures. Counted 33 Fly Agarics between Ripponden and West Vale today. Edge of Norland Moor but mainly along the top of North Dean Woods. Some are huge this year.

Bruce said...

I looks like a good year for fungi.

Steve Blacksmith said...

The mushroom is hard to id with only its cap showing. I guess it is much enlarged as those eyebright flowers certainly are.

But it is one of the red waxcaps, some of which are edible, but most so tiny they are hardly worth gathering.

A general thought about the dangers of fungus collection for the kitchen:

"You can meet bold mushroom collectors, and you can meet old mushroom collectors, but you never meet an old, bold mushroom collector!"