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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Mistletoe at Peoples Park and HNY

 Anyone any idea what these are I found them in a big pile of leaves in the back garden.??I thought it was frog spawn but its way too early and no black spots could be seen.??


Linda said...

Snails eggs maybe??

Bruce said...

I agree with Linda, either slug or snail. I cannot think of anything else they could be. I have seen similar round my compost bin.

Nice to see local mistletoe.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Hi Andy
They are slug or snail eggs.
I photographed the mistletoe on 24th Dec. I thought I had posted a piece of text, but perhaps not as you don't credit me with finding it. Well done if you found it independantly. I would have posted my pic but it is infernally difficult with my system. And I am a duffer with IT.
I suspect the tree was planted with the mistletoe already attached, by the size of the tree and the age of the mistletoe. You can age mistletoe (Viscum album at least), by its number of divisions. It is said to make just one a year. On that basis, it is about 10 years old, and the tree doesn't look much older than that.
It is unlikely to produce berries as it is dioeceous (there has to be male and female plants nearby.)

AndyC said...

I went looking for the Mistletoe after seeing your post on this blogg and to post the pic so people knew where it was.Its quite a fair size for the small host.
Thanks for the info on the eggs.