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Monday, 20 December 2010

Goosanders in Mytholmroyd

Did anybody else see the three red-head goosanders in the Calder under Caldene Avenue bridge in Mytholmroyd? They were there at midday yesterday (Sunday 19th December). One seemed to be looking for fish - repeatedly put its head under water and then raised its body, flapped its wings and shook its head, as if the water was too cold for comfort - which I'm sure it was. There was a dipper in the water, too. There were also three goosanders at Fallingroyd about a week ago, but that party included a male. Is it usual for goosanders to be in the Calder in built-up areas, or is it because of the hard winter?

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Steve Blacksmith said...

Hi Shan,
I transfered your item to the bird blog in case any specialist birder has info for you.

Personally I have noticed goosanders becoming gradually more numerous each winter since the early 90s. At first they were very wary and flighty, but they gradually got more confiding as they got more numerous.

Then, of course they bred last year and the year before, down at Cromwell Bottom. I think someone spotted 2 different broods of ducklings last spring. If you live by the river, they take readily to artificial nest sites.