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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Latest update on Hedgehogs in Calderdale

A big thank you to everybody who got in contact with their hedgehog records and a special thank you to Hugh Firman, Steve Blacksmith and Laura Price who have helped and supported me along the way and by creating all the wonderful maps! I'll be leaving the countryside team to return to university but all your records are still in high demand so please send in your sightings with its location/postcode and date to

Downloadable distribution map (click on link below)


Earlier post
When have you last seen a hedgehog? Have you seen or heard a hedgehog rustling around in your back garden or woodland (or even a squished one on the road)? If so, Betony Atkinson, a student placement working with Countryside Services, would like to know. Please send details, including the location and date of the sighting, to to help her draw up a picture of their distribution in Calderdale.

photo – credit to Mrs. Pat  Morris, BHPS


  1. Best Wishes with your project Betony.

    Saw some droppings today at Saville Park, a garden above Scarr Wood where I see them most years.

    Bad news is that the regular casualties at Skircoat Green Rd/ Heath Rd junction have stopped this year. (Bad news if it means there are no hedgehogs there any more - good news if they've learned to avoid the road, which I doubt.)

  2. We have only 2 records this year, both road kills - one at Illingworth opposite the fire station and another near Ripponden - Not looking good for them locally !