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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Not the best photo in the world, but this male Great Spotted Woodpecker visits my garden several times a day to feed on my home-made suet block. 


  1. Nice photo, wish i could get one in my garden

  2. Hi Brovy,
    Rendered down butchers suet, seeds, nuts, mealworms and fruit seems to do the trick to attract a variety of birds into my garden. I pour this into a baking tray to cool. Once this has set, I cut portions into squares and and place in a suet cage. Nothing is wasted as the birds really enjoy the left overs.

  3. Nice pictures Alison. We have had one in our garden only once in 6 years!

  4. Good pictures. We have had one visiting our garden in Todmorden almost daily for a few months. It feeds on the peanuts. We changed to peanuts because of the dozen pigeons which came when sunflower hearts were in the feeder.

  5. Hi Philip, thank you for your comment. This male has been coming to my garden on a daily basis for a few years, and it's only since I bought a new camera off Michael, I am now able to take 'reasonable' photographs of it. It is really amazing in spring/summer when he brings his partner and chick/s to feed on the suet block as well, however you never see the family 'together', and it's only the male that is an all year round, daily visitor.