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Monday, 2 July 2012

Save our Roadside Verges - A Plantlife Campaign

Our Roadside verges are being cut far too early and too often by 75% of Councils in the UK. Please watch this video and sign the petition link.

Road verges are the life-giving arteries of the countryside, linking habitats and acting as vital corridors for wildlife to thrive on. They also represent a remnant of our native grassland which has suffered catastrophic losses over the last century.  Link to sign this petition and help save our verges.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Bruce,
    I raised this subject with Calderdale in May and Mark Dempsey replied, giving details of how the Council are now taking this issue seriously.

    He did also mention that residents often complain when grass is not cut frequently. Really it is a generational/education issue.

    I did suggest to the Council that more publicity through their press release page would help to show the benefits.

    Besides signing the Plantlife petition, also write to Calderdale to encourage them in their worthwhile efforts.