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Sunday, 10 November 2019

Silent Fireworks

A town in Italy has banned the use of all but silent fireworks. Great!

I know a lot of people and children love the spectacle of rockets lighting up the early winter darkness, but I have long detested the war-like explosions.

There is a movement to spare our domestic animals this annual torture and since our woods have become repopulated with badgers, deer and foxes I imagine their panic when the deafening salvos start.


  1. Thanks for sharing this Steve. A word of caution though: I think an outright ban on the sale of fireworks to the public will be very unpopular as well as counter-productive. Noiseless fireworks, however, provide great visual entertainment without traumatising pets and wildlife. As Steve says, it is the 'warlike explosions' and deafening salvos' we need to eliminate!

  2. Hear hear!... If you'll pardon the pun - I hate the bangs but love the excitement on our granddaughter's face at all the sparkly fountains. Certainly added a festive air to her birthday just before Christmas!