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Thursday, 18 April 2019


By the promenade adjacent to Elland Wood on A629 south of Salerhebble.

An others this year?


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  2. Hi Hugh, I saw 2 Brimstone on March 28th down at CBNR. The first was flying between the canal and river at Ganny Lock, then I saw a second one in the Reserve on the path approaching Bailey Bridge. That was quite a day for me, my first sightings for 2019 of Chiff-chaff and a Peacock butterfly. Also a great sighting of a Kingfisher on my way back across the bridge.

  3. Johnny Turner also reported that he had seen a Brimstone at Hardcastle Crags in February, during the first heatwave of 2019, the day before I had a Painted Lady at Midgehole on 24th Feb.

  4. Thanks good to hear. After 30 years, on Saturday I saw my first brimstone in the garden (in Shipley not Calderdale, sorry!). Hopefully, it will use the alder buckthorn I planted 28 years ago!