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Friday, 22 March 2019

Help a toad across a road!

We need help with taking toads safely across the roads at Cottonstones near Mill Bank to prevent them being squashed by traffic.  We are collecting between 50 and100 per evening at the moment, and it would be wonderful if you could lend a hand.  All you need is warm clothing, high vis jacket, torch, bucket and a notebook to write down the numbers collected. We go out around 7pm for a few hours - but any time you can spare would be great.  Please contact Charlotte at or call/text 07801 968404 if you require more info.  Otherwise....see you there!


  1. Hi Charlotte. I am now getting a few people offering to volunteer and I'm trying to steer them your way. Sorry I can't be there personally tonight. Good luck!

  2. Hi Steve - 116 toads last night, total now standing at over 300 - got some local volunteers which is great, but the more the merrier. Thnaks for your help with this!