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Sunday, 17 September 2017

No food or shelter. The future is bleak.

Having just travelled through the East Riding, I find it not surprising that many bird species are in decline. There isn't any secret to it that needs the pretence of intensively written reports.

Mile after mile of farmland hedgerows were being tractor strimmed to neat garden-type hedges. All the growth that young birds would have just discovered to be 'home' was being hacked away. But worst of all was the squandering of the hawthorn berries and many, many elder fruits--rich black luscious hanging bunches. Now all gathering mud and squashed on the road.


Steve Blacksmith said...

That's a good point Philip. Farmers are supposed to abide by a closed season on hedge trimming due to nesting birds, but I don't know if the destruction of wild fruit on hedges has been considered.

I'll pass your observation on to the BTO and RSPB.

David Sutcliffe said...

Agree, that would be a good move Steve.

I can't post on this blog for some reason Steve but could you put out an appeal for any Hedgehog records ie date, location and 'dead or alive' !
I only have one record of a 'live' one this year along with a few road-kills. Thanks.
Posts on the blog I can pick up or via you ?