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Friday, 11 August 2017

Bog Asphodel

This group of 6 spikes has survived since July 5th (see earlier blog) right next to the cycle track beside the standing stone on Norland Moor: now producing seeds.


Steve Blacksmith said...

Well followed-up Laurence.

It escaped the bikes and the grazing-off it gets in some places. At least in that case it gets fertilised by the cowdung!

Steve Blacksmith said...

Just to remind everyone who might be free on a Wednesday, there will be an "Explore Norland Moor" day with the HSS, led by Calderdale Countryside's Robin Dalton. It's in our programme (toggle at the top of this blog) but to save you time: meet Robin at Norland Recreation Ground Car Park, which is near the crossroads at Norland village; diagonally opposite the school; go up the small tarmac track behind some houses. 10.30 to 13.30 on Weds 23rd August.

Some of us may well take a picnic lunch to eat after the walk.