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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Southowram Honeybee Apiary Visit

We had a fabulous afternoon with the Halifax and District Beekeepers Association on Sunday 23rd July - they made us so welcome!  Phil Gee gave an excellent and thoroughly interesting talk on the history of beekeeping before we were given refreshments and then asked to dress in beekeeeping suits and gloves before Phil, Roger, Jackie and Jeff opened up the hives, each containing about 50,000 bees.  We saw queen bees, industrious workers, drones, larva......and the bees behaved so well!  A big thank you to the beekeepers - and to the bees!

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Annie Honjo said...

It was fantastic Charlotte! I was fascinated by the bees and their behaviour, what amazing creatures they are. Thank you so much for organising, it was a very valuable experience.