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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Wanted! Butterfly survey volunteers

Natalie at the National Trust has asked me to share this request for butterfly volunteers with you:

We are currently recruiting for survey volunteers at Hardcastle Crags!

Mainly we survey butterflies in the peak season and record our results onto the UK BMS database in partnership with Butterfly Conservation.

We want to expand our group so that we can collect more records, survey other critters as well as carrying out survey work which will influence our practical countryside work plans, habitat management and natural flood management work.

See the link below for the survey role profile and Hardcastle crags information packs.

The survey team meet up once a month for a catch up meet with a guest speaker accompanied with a survey on site. In the last meeting we had a student studying bumblebees on our hay meadows and for the next meeting we have a local mosses and liverworts chap talking about his crags discoveries and helping us to I.D.

Interested? Contact me directly on the email below with any other questions and information regarding a taster day.

Best wishes,

Natalie Pownall
Academy Ranger
West Yorkshire Group
National Trust


  1. Would the moss/liverwort person be our member, or close friend, Johnny Turner of Hebden Bridge ?

    I'd like to be involved in butterfly surveys at the Crags if I can.

    I went along to the 2nd Balsam Bashing organised for us Scientific Society members last night, 19th June. Unfortunately there was only myself and the Volunteer Ranger, Brian, but we still worked hard for an hour and a half, and got as much done as we could.

  2. Great - get in touch with Natalie direct, Steve. I don't know who her moth person is, I'm afraid.
    Shame no one else showed up frot he balsam bashing - I'll be there at the next one on 27th June.