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Friday, 12 May 2017

Spring drought exposes casual war on trees

This exceptional dry weather has put many trees under stress. I have noticed in particular some Beech and Sycamore are reluctant to open their buds.

On this note, I have never quite understood why the grass under mature trees in parkland or wide verges is either sprayed off or mown to death.  It exposes the tree roots to desert like conditions.

With this drought and drying easterly winds it is important the rooting environment is looked after. Why waste money and risk the health of mature trees?

 Long grass keeps tree roots moist.


Steve Blacksmith said...

Well put, Phillip.
Hugh, at our last talk (poster below,) pointed out also that parks with streams running through them often have the grass and wild plants trimmed short right to the water's edge, considerably decreasing the insect food available to fish etc. which could live in the water.

I wonder if we could survey parks and give merit-points for wildlife encouragement; black marks for habitat destruction?

Philip said...

This might be a good idea and could be explored further. Problems that have to be addressed:--seen as conflicting with established 'working practice' by some who may see it as a direct criticism. There remains a lot of inertia to doing things in a different way.