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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Trees on the move

Look at this link. Do you think they will survive the move?


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Steve Blacksmith said...

As the local biologist says, they are unlikely to thrive in their new sites. Even if they do, they will probably look wrong, placed on the whim of a man with no training in landscape design.

I don't disapprove of all tree moving; it's been done since the 18thC in this country, often of trees that were in the way of new buildings or roads, and would otherwise have been felled. Pity the buildings and roads couldn't have been left unbuilt, though.

I've been marvelling at the age of some Hawthorns above Woodhouse Dam, Todmorden, along with an amazing twisting ancient birch - shaped like an oak, Quercus robur, style. Also a huge-boled birch above Cragg Vale on the left side of the valley going up - an area I'd never explored till this Easter, when Annie Honjo and I navigated our way through on the old farm-linking footpaths.